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RSVP now » for Bertucci’s Dining on Jan. 11 – we need 20 families to attend to receive benefits. Thank you!

Dec. 15 – Discovery Team sponsored breakfast

Jan. 11 – Donate food and beverages for the Winter Appreciation Lunch, sign-up here »
Jan. 11 – Bertucci’s Dining for Dollars – Get Coupon »

We are also seeking volunteers to help coordinate this year’s Clarke Night Out, which will take place on March 16th. I hear from the our VP of Fundraising Jennifer Veils and the CNO Chair Hope Klebenov that it will be the best and most fun night you ever had. Help us make it even more fun by volunteering.  Please contact Jennifer at at or Hope at, if you are interested in volunteering.

Congratulations !

Congratulations to Colony Collapse Disorder, the Clarke Teacher Team who won the Masters of Trivia title at the LEF Trivia Bee! The trophy will be displayed at Clarke Middle School, come check it out!”


Hurricane Harvey Relief 

Thank you from Principal Monaco – We are overwhelmed by your generosity. Jonas Clarke Middle School and the Clarke PTO would like to thank you for your incredible support for the Fred Roberts Middle School in Texas, a community severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to you, Clarke has collected over $5,500 in online, gift card and cash donations.

Quote from Principal Thomas who received the funds: “I am humbled by the generosity that your school community has demonstrated. The story that Clarke Middle School wrote is amazing. What your community has done for us will be forged in our story forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being willing to help. Because of your school community’s kind donation, our school is planning to support three feeder schools that were also hit hard.”

An excerpt from a newsletter that Principal Thomas wrote to his staff:

Dear Roberts,
What does the word abracadabra mean? We have all heard this word before when a stage magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat. The reason I am going here is because I have been seeing some serious magic happening in our school. The origin of the word abracadabra is Aramaic from the word avra kadavra, meaning “it will be created in my words.” In the Hebrew language, the phrase translates more accurately as, “it came to pass as it was spoken.” Roberts Family, our spoken words and actions echo throughout our building, but also in the hearts of others.

I want to share with you a few spoken words (abracadabra), which resulted in pure magic….

Jonas Clarke Middle School, under the leadership of Anna Monaco in the great state of Massachusetts, raised over $5000 to support our students and their families. I cannot say enough about the fine people of Lexington. This money will now also allow us to help two of our feeder schools. With the collection of many $10 Walmart gift cards, Clark Middle School will help several families with the immediate essentials.

Pictures from Fred Roberts Middle School are below:

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