PTO Mini-Grant Samples



Grant Title Description
6th Grade Field Day All sixth grade teams work together to build a feeling of community and create an environment of cooperation after completion of first year at Clarke
Alternative Sating in the Classroom 6 Black Jack Chairs fostering students movement, autonomy and sense of community
Empty Bowls Event Supplies Funding for the charity event
WIN Block Science Mural Enrichment inspired by the 7th grade Nahant field trip
Respect for All Week – supplies Funding for supplies for a week long campaign to improve student prosocial behavior and school climate
WIN Supplies for Social Workers Funding for WIN block enrichment –¬†books and crafts
Ocean Science Club – supplies Explore marine related topics after school and WIN blocks
Everyone Loves Fish Funding for 7th grade aquariums in each science teachers classroom
Mardi-Gras Community Celebration Bring 6th grade French classes to celebrate Mardi-Gras at school.
Yoga Mats, Blocks and Rollers and DVD Offer yoga/relaxation opportunities during WIN blocks and possibly PE
Cooking Supplies for DLP / Life Skills Funding for supplies for 8th grade students in DLP / Life Skills
10 Bungee Chairs for ILP Classroom Comfort can have positive effect on learning, human productivity, and creativity
Knitting Supplies for WIN Enrichment Supplies for students to use a loom to knit a hat. Hats to be donated to people in need.
Electronic Textiles for LED Club After school club for engineering and design clothes that light up.
SGA T-shirts Increase the visibility of student leaders in Student Government
Science Plant Club Supplies Club enables students to explore the world of plants
Compass Challenge Funding for goal-based incentive programs for students
Mariachi Band in the Cafeteria To celebrate foreign language week in a fun way